Whilst importing products is an ideal way to expand as a business, you cannot make guesses or assumptions about the requirements set by customs for clearance. If you want to ensure your reputation and increase your profits, you need to turn to a customs broker for help.

Import Products to Any Australian Location

When you use the services of a customs brokerage in Sydney, you can import goods into any location in Australia. By knowing the best practices for import clearance, you can minimise the risk of delay and prevent the additional assessment of costs to your business or customers.

In Australia, brokers who handle clearances receive licences so they can review and know the quarantine requirements, trade regulations, customs duty, and requirements set for documentation. That is why you need to build a relationship with a customs broker before you begin importing goods.

You also need a customs broker to declare imports for goods for the home. Legally, only a customs broker licenced by the government can submit a declaration for an import. If you fill out and submit paperwork that is wrong, you can be penalised, which is all the more reason to contact a broker for any customs clearance activity.

Some of the Topics You Need to Address

When you rely on a brokerage service, you can make any import activity just that much easier. Customs clearance services that cover importation include the following:

  • Valuation advice and tariff advice applications
  • Electronic declaration paperwork or full import declarations (FIDS)
  • Tariff Concession Orders (TCO) applications
  • Self-assessment clearance, or SAC

The above list represents only a small part of what a brokerage covers when imports go through customs. That is why you need to rely on a customs broker when you become engaged in the importing of goods. If you feel that you are not well versed in this respect, you can find a mentor that will help you sort through the red tape of documentation.

Follow the Legal Guidelines

To ensure success in importing, you need to know who to contact to help you realise your shipment goals. You cannot take on this activity alone. Even if you are knowledgeable about importing, you still need a broker to declare your goods and assist you with compliance.

Before you buy any goods that you wish to import to Australia, you need to learn more about importing activities and what you need to do to ensure successful clearance. If you are new to importing, you may want to consider enrolling in an importer’s workshop as well as working with a broker. That way, you can have your questions answered along the way.

By joining a workshop, you can learn more about trade termers and clearance activities. You can also find out more about the requirements for freight. By participating in a workshop, you can learn more about international trade concepts and issues and get a better grasp of import processes. Customs and DAFF biosecurity are covered when taking a workshop as well.

Now is a great time to import products. However, before you take on the task, know what you are assuming. Contact a customs broker today and learn all you can about the business by attending an import workshop.