If you would like to start your own business and are fairly IT competent, website design is a very much an in-demand industry, and with a little help, you can soon learn enough about this versatile, yet powerful content management system that has taken the digital world by storm. WordPress is the preferred platform for most businesses, thanks to its ability to deliver rich colours and high-resolution graphics, and with a few months of intense study, any person can acquire enough working knowledge to build a professional looking website.

Part Time Blogging

WordPress is open source software that is tried and trusted and by creating your own blogging site, you can quickly learn the ropes. This application can only be used with a valid URL, and you can get a free web hosting package for your blog site and a few dollars is all it takes to purchase your web address, which is all you need to start the initial learning experience. There are many online tutorials on every aspect of WordPress, and with some trial and error, you will soon reach a level of competency, by developing the blog site.


Marketing your services involves searching for company websites that leave a lot to be desired, and there are many, and by sending a detailed web design and build proposal, sooner or later you will hit pay dirt. Fortunately, you can find a website proposal template from an online provider, and select a suitable design and simply add your data. Once you have created one or two templates, you can send them out periodically to a list of companies and saving them on the cloud, you don’t have much work to do to reuse the design. Once you have a few clients, hopefully you will receive some recommendations, which will help you to build a customer base. There are business templates for every industry, including web design and construction, and it is vital that your proposal is professional looking, which is why you should source an online template provider.

Put in the Groundwork

Ideally, you would begin by learning in your free time, rather than quitting your full-time job, and once your skill level is high enough, you can start to look for clients. It might be best to focus on startups, as the new business does not yet have a website and by keeping your rates low, you should attract some interest. The hardest part is getting the first few clients, but as time passes, your portfolio will grow, and hopefully, entrepreneurs will be interested in what you have to offer.

Perhaps some of your friends are thinking of starting their own business and would entrust the web design to you, and while you might not be able to charge top rates, that will happen soon enough. There are unlimited online resources for those who are serious about learning to design and build websites, and the more time you put in at the early stages, the more competent you will become.