Whether it’s for your home or business- you will always want to have a quality and low maintenance crowning. If that what you are looking for that can be even sturdy and fight any weather condition- opting for the pre-fabricated or the factory made steel ceilings will be your best choice. All you need is to hire a reputed company such as soprema.ca, experienced and well-known for their excellent engineering skills for building steel houses and installing metallic crowning.

Let’s explore some of the top advantages of metal, especially steel roofing here, if you are looking for the related information before taking the initiative to build one for your residence or for commercial usage.

The long-lasting feature

The resilient feature of the steel roofing is the reason behind the growing popularity of the installation of such sturdy roofs. No matter what is the weather condition, the endurance of the tough crowning has been proved several times. It can resist hurricanes, storms, the wind, heavy snowfall, rain and even the heat.  It is giving a rough completion to the concrete, wood and tile ceilings because of the versatility.

Light weight-

In comparison to the tile, slate and timber ceilings, steel is much lighter in weight. These materials do not weigh more than 1.5 pounds per sq. foot while the concrete roofs are no less than 9 pounds per sq. foot. That’s the reason why most people prefer the light weighted steel ceilings. You can install it for your home crowning and also your commercial zone such as cafe, shop, warehouse, carport, factory etc.

Fire Resistant-

If you are installing steel ceilings, you will be ensured with the fact that the ceiling will never be affected by any sudden fire. In comparison to especially timber roofing, the steel shelters are fire resistant. If unfortunately, your property sets in the fire, you don’t have to redo the ceiling if you own a steel one.

Install the crowning on an existing one-

Another compatible feature of the steel or any metal crowning is that it can be easily installed on top of an existing roof. Though, this is not the process that is actually applied by the installers. Mostly the old one is removed first and the new one is installed on the same base, if it is made of steel!

Go for the steel ceiling option for the versatile features it has and for the very low maintenance as well.