If you are considering capturing some paper documents in digital form there are a number of different processes that you can follow. Scanning documents for digital business purposes is a process that you can hire the services of a professional document management company to assist you with, providing you with the framework from which to build a streamlined and effective working process that reflects your modern company ideals and workforce.

Scan and Store Documents 

The most basic level of capturing physical documents in a digital form is to scan and store individually. Paper documents are scanned and then stored in digital form. At the most basic level it involved scanning individual documents and manually collating within a crude manual filing system where all scanned documents are sent. This process is useful as it provides the user with the understanding that each image file relates to a certain physical document and can be stored accordingly. It is helpful to small business or for personal document management at home. For larger businesses it is far too time consuming as there will always be vast quantities of paper documents to scan at any given time. One benefit to this process is that it does begin a process of building a culture where paper waste is removed from the equation, a boon to the environmental awareness of an individual or small company.


 Data Extraction 

Using basic recognition and intelligent data extraction provides a foundation from which you can utilise large-scale scanning capabilities. In these instances you can use software to identify key bits of information within a document, as it is being scanned and digitised. From here it can be stored and filed away in a variety of segments and indexes to be easily found at a later date by the user or staff of a company. This type of data scanning and retrieval is built to be easily searched for within a solid framework of a document management system and improves the usability of documentation within a streamlined business operation.

All modern companies are searching for ways to become more streamlined and effective in their day-to-day operations. Becoming a paperless office is the dream for many business owners and the next process of document capture is one where all physical paper and documentation is digitised as they are created. This ensures that there is never the requirement for a physical copy of a document to exist, although there will always be some exceptions where a physical copy of a document is required legally. This approach to a paperless environment will help a company to become more cost-effective, reduce the carbon footprint of the business and help to create a more streamlines library of documentation that helps your employees to be much more productive on a daily basis, raising standards and profits as a result.