Chocolate is available in various kinds and choosing which dark chocolate bar is the best can be uneasy. When searching for the best chocolate bars to shop for, it is important to know and understand the ingredients you are considering. Also, you should check out the website of the manufacturer to obtain more information than what you could find in the back of the chocolate bar label.  Here are some tips to help you make a great choice.

Consider the Amount of Cacao Contained in the Bar

In each bar of premium chocolate, the amount of cacao is often listed. It informs consumers on the amount of cocoa butter and cocoa solids. When the percent of cacao content is higher, this means that the flavor of the chocolate is more pronounced and intense. Also, this could mean less sugar and more bitter chocolate.

Know the Variety of Bean Used

Knowing the variety of bean in dark chocolate bars is important since every kind of bean grown comes with a different flavor profile. The three main kinds of beans grown are:

  • This bean variety makes up 90 percent of all cacao beans that grown across the globe.
  • This is the highest quality cacao bean and most flavorful. It is not grown as much because of susceptibility to diseases.
  • Is the infusion of forastero and criollo beans because it is easier to care for and a flavor one.

Determine How the Chocolate Melts in the Mouth

High-quality chocolate tends to easily melt in the mouth and make a smooth, creamy texture made by the increase in the conching phase when the chocolate is made.

Ensure the Chocolate Doesn’t Have Trans Fat or Hydrogenated Oils

Because of the increasing demand for cocoa butter in the market, chocolate makers use hydrogenated vegetable oils. These oils are not good for the health. Also, vegetable oils are used by these companies to cut production costs. Using these kinds of oils will ruin the chocolate’s health benefits and disrupt its real flavor.

Consider how the Chocolate is Processed

When chocolate is processed, most of the antioxidants and flavonoids are removed. And overly processed chocolate means the amount of these essential substances are greatly reduced. To know how processed a dark chocolate is, consider the price. Very cheap dark chocolate bars are made of inferior ingredients such as vegetable oils and hydrogenated oils. Get more information on this from Canada.