One of the worst things that can happen is locking yourself out of your car. You may not even realise that you have made this type of mistake until you return to your car after work or a shopping excursion.

When you first make this discovery, you need to stay calm. Check all your doors to make sure they are locked before you make a call to a professional locksmith. If you have a spare key that you can have brought to you, you may want to try this option first.

Summoning Emergency Help

If you happen to lock your keys in your car and you have a pet in the car, you need to requisition experienced locksmith services in Lytham St. Annes immediately. However, if the weather is extra hot outside and you have locked your pet inside, your only option may be to break a window. Pets can easily die if they are left inside a locked car in the summer for any amount of time.

Breaking Out a Window

If you need to break the window, make sure you break a side window, and follow the steps below:

  • Break the glass toward the edge, where it is weaker. The centre part of the window is the strongest part of the glass.
  • Tinted glass is better to break because it will not shatter like glass that is not tinted. That is because the tint holds the glass together.
  • Choose a side window that is farthest from your pet.

Do not beat against the glass if you do not have a sharp tool to break it. You will only become frustrated.